Crushing It With Your Tribe! Podcast

Adoption is Awesome! with Julia Kramer

November 19, 2022 Robin McCoy Season 2 Episode 2
Crushing It With Your Tribe! Podcast
Adoption is Awesome! with Julia Kramer
Show Notes

In this episode, I speak with Julia Kramer about her experience in fostering and adopting. Julia is a proud step-foster-adopt-bio-Mom who loves her kids any way they come to her. After being a stepmom and then having her first son, Julia and her husband knew they wanted to have another child; however, it wasn't a good idea for her to go through another pregnancy. That is when The Kramers looked to alternatives like becoming foster parents and eventually adoption.

In April of 2021 the Kramers got their first foster placement and adopted their son in November 2021 (all while selling their home, purchasing a new one, and moving, I might add).

Julia welcomes all the questions and encourages anyone who is "foster- or adopt-curious" to reach out and take steps to learn more. To get in touch with her, her email is listed below.

Julia Kramer
Class recommendation: Positive Parenting Solutions
Book Recommendation: Calmer Easier Happier Boys by Noel Janis-Norton

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